Love is NOT blind…

2 Jun

Maybe I am foolishly in love with someone that is 

Not exactly on the same page that I am on 

Well all my friends keep tellin me stop walkin round so blindly 

But when he calls they’re not around to ever remind me


Maybe this isn’t love 

But if it isn’t love then really What is Love 

Maybe I will never know what’s really love 

Cuz when he’s around he got me feelin some kinda way


What is Love?- Vivian Green

To the issue at hand. I am so tired of people saying how much they love someone and then in the next breath, I hear every raggedy thing that person has done to them. People are so quick to tell someone ‘I love you’ but do you even know what love is. Even if you ask someone, who claims that they have been in love, they cannot even articulate it. If one cannot articulate what love is, I can sure tell you what love is not, PAINFUL. If you are in a relationship and it is painful mentally, emotionally or physically to be with that person, then it is time to go!

A girlfriend of mine used to tell me all about her man in the beginning of the relationship. When things got bad, she hid details or just lied, in the name of love. If love makes you LIE, then you are in the wrong relationship.

This dude I know (yes, I have male friends too…), is in a relationship with a decent girl. They have been together for years, but recently he has been cheating on her. Now, at this juncture, you are probably thinking, poor girl. NOT! She has approached me on several occasions, inquiring about her man and if he is seeing someone else. Which means she knows. She has recognized the simple signs of cheating and cannot bring her self to leave him. He believes that in keeping a relationship stable one must have some secrets. I don’t think so. So What is love? How should it be manifested?

The bible clearly dictates what love is…


1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is kind and patient,

   never jealous, boastful,

   proud, or 5rude.

   Love isn’t selfish

   or quick tempered.

   It doesn’t keep a record

   of wrongs that others do.

    6Love rejoices in the truth,

   but not in evil.

    7Love is always supportive,

   loyal, hopeful,

   and trusting.

    8Love never fails!

I believe that many people are in relationships and are not in love. A form a lust or admiration, not love. Love is a lot of things, but it is not blind. If you are not seeing everything in your relationship, you feel your partner is not being honest…. RUN. And keep running until you start to see clearly and are not blinded by emotion. After you do this, reflect on the relationship, look at all the dumb stuff you did to keep it together. Realize the love is neither blind or dumb. Search for a partner who will show you love by reflecting God’s heart for you. When you meet someone who will seek Christ on how to love you, that will be the one who you can truly love. Because they have put Christ first.

Love Hard. Live Harder.


The Queen


One Response to “Love is NOT blind…”

  1. justlissen June 9, 2011 at 12:04 PM #

    I think you’re right. love shouldn’t be painful. It shouldn’t cause you to second-guess or seek constant validation. Love should give you the ultimate security, the serene status of “beloved” in his sight. Though I’m not there yet, I’m hopeful! Good post!

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