Regular Chicks #winning (Over the Beautiful Ones)

6 Jun

The beautiful ones, they hurt you every time


Paint a perfect picture

Bring 2 life a vision in one’s mind

The beautiful ones

Always smash the picture

Always every time…


The Beautiful Ones

Purple Rain

Prince and the Revolution

I have beautiful friends and acquaintances. #nohomo…. lol… I never wrote that but hey… its how I feel. Any who, I do have bombshell friends. I mean they could grace covers of magazines and they all pull the cutest guys. What I love further is that they are some cool chicks. Women you can take to a networking function or to the ghetto spot for a fish sandwich. I have realized though, that the more one is closer to the ‘general standard of American beauty’, the more scars and issues they have. I have been in conversation with some beauties and they have the worse war stories. Not just in reference to dating, but in life. One of my friends actually told me that she didn’t get a promotion because of her looks. WORD LIFE?!?!?!? I thought she had a delusional moment or maybe was joking but she was dead serious! And I stared thinking…



Pretty Chicks have flaws– All people do. But it is more of a shock to the general public… and people figure this out very quickly. A regular chick usually has flaws… they are forced to work on them because our personalities are a huge part of our lives.

We know how to work hard– Not just for a man, but also in life. I have gotten free food, gas money, potential teaching gigs and many more things, all on the merits of my pretty friends. Regular chicks work harder to keep up their lifestyles. Usually no one is paying our rent, or even offering a free meal.

Pretty Chicks always are trying to prove something– Honestly, we know you are pretty, I’d rather you own it and work it, than try to prove how regular you are. It’s ok boo; The Queen has all types of friends.

We know our lane– Pretty Chicks are always trying to do too much and after a while men figure it out and come crawling to us, with our great qualities and then we get them. We, regular chicks, know how to fall back and wait… since we are usually waiting anyways.

Our intimacy is better– Not just sex (even though I have heard that). But we really know how to speak and have a conversation. We are not consumed with ourselves as much as a pretty girl. SO we can really look in to a man’s heart and figure out how to feed it.

We ALWAYS use our opportunities wisely– We don’t get much play but when we do, we don’t take it for granted. We are also never too pressed because we are accustomed to rejection, so we go slowly, not to ruin an opportunity. Other women usually think so much of themselves that they don’t treasure each opportunity…. eventually missing out on a good one…where we eventually marry ‘that guy’:)

In the looks dept., we are always improving– Other chicks know they are the great looking ones from birth, so they rarely re-work their image. Regular Chicks take chances with their overall look. Honestly, we regular chicks want to be prettier than we are. So we are always evolving….

Patience and Waiting– We are willing to wait for something better, or for others to realize that REGULAR GIRLS ARE THE BEST. We are given so many opportunities to just be ‘a friend’; we can wait until HE comes to fill the ULTIMATE FRIEND position.

I am a regular chick. Period. The End. And that is okay. Of course, I think very highly of myself (and I am not just saying that, ask The Queen’s circle… I am my own cheerleader). I am an educated chick, with a fierce power and I’m cute too. But I am not the chick that gets ‘Hollered’ at, men do not grope on me at a party (maybe because I will fight you), or even approach me regularly. I have a cute face, plus sized (and a real one… those real double digits LOL), a great personality (as every regular chick does, let’s be real… the really fine chick don’t need much personality… they have BODY), and progressing towards greatness in my professional career. I AM A REGULAR CHICK AND PROUD. Why, because it’s the regular chicks men marry (they marry pretty girls too, this is just to point out that they marry US as well). You don’t believe me, let’s talk.

You know you have been out with your friends and saw a couple… and one of them is really basic or even ugly (to you)… and you think… How did they even get together? Because a real conversation happened. Or maybe someone realized that looks do fade and the person you want to spend your life with… you must be able to enjoy all of them and not just their face and/or body.

Psalm 139:14

New International Version (NIV)

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

OKAY! We are all Pretty Women. God made us all unique and wonderfully made. I really wanted to give my ladies who will never edge up to Halle Berry in the looks dept. something to look forward to. Now, do pretty chicks get married and have wonderful relationships and personalities- YES. But I will say that regular chicks have just as much to offer of as ‘women that society has deemed outwardly beautiful’. Thus why I wrote this piece. Still don’t believe me, watch ‘Just Wright’ the REGULAR chick WINS! (I know its a movie… Be quiet…)

I encourage you to discuss this amongst your circle. Or just in the comment section 🙂

We might never get a ‘Regular Girl Rock’…. But we still DO! OWN IT!

PS: All my pretty girlfriends, you all are awesome and I love you! Let’s not let my blog ruin our friendship. LOL But it’s the truth anyhow!


Love Hard. Live Harder.

The Queen


3 Responses to “Regular Chicks #winning (Over the Beautiful Ones)”

  1. Eric June 6, 2011 at 6:09 PM #

    I dig this E! On the radio, they were sorta discussing this. Some lady said that she would rather have an average husband for some of these reasons…along with her belief that “regular people” were more likely to be faithul. I dunno.


  2. De June 8, 2011 at 1:29 PM #

    I think this would be a good read for my sister. I feel like she (and I, at times) are constantly caught up in society’s view of beautiful and then that dictates how we treat, act, or react to multiple things, including ourselves. We all have something different to offer, no matter how the world views us. And it is incredibly hard for me to say/believe that about myself. But I know it is true because I believe it for others. Crazy logic, ain’t it? lol I think it’s interesting how I can think someone is beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, fine, or whatever, but they think so little of themselves. Or vice versa, with me. But this is def food for thought.

  3. justlissen June 9, 2011 at 12:03 PM #

    I would say my beauty comes from being average, regular. You may not take a second glance in my direction, but the silkiness of my vowels, the quirkiness of my laugh, the social conciousness of my raised fist will make you stop and take notice. And it leaves a lasting impression more than a body that is constantly morphing or a face with endless freckles. And I take pride in the fact that I nurture what is most stable and constant (my personality) as well as the beauty that shines through when you get to know me better.
    It’s all a journey, and I’m enjoying the ride. Three cheers to being regular!

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