Move On…. Or DIE!

8 Jun

Oh, I gotta move on now that you’re gone

Pack my bags, pack my clothes together

This is what I’m gonna do

(This is what I’m gonna do)

This is what I’m gonna do


I’ve been lookin’ but cannot find

Searchin’ but cannot see


I’ve got to move on

Now that you’re gone

I’ve got to move on

(Be strong, gotta move on)

Now that you’re gone


Bilal- Move On

This is not just about a man or woman leaving. I want to also bring into the discussion the lost of a dream, or a goal that was never accomplished. What about a platonic friendship that just withered away? How does one move on? How do you even mourn the lost of something? I think of the lost dreams, jobs, and friendships that I have had. And I still, after many months and years, have not fully healed and moved on. I know in my heart of hearts that this time it is never coming back to me. Its dead. But I still am having a mean sleep over it or him or her or that…

I am lost to the longing

I am molded by the memory.

Had to shut down half my mind

Just to fill the space you left behind.


Cause I am moving cobwebs

and I’m floating into myself.

Who will find me under this mean sleep?


Van Hunt- Mean Sleep


I need to move on, but I don’t know how. But do I want to? Do I secretly like the hole in my heart that  ‘thing’ leaving me? Yes, because it allows me to think of better times. A time when I was happier and things were going better. Is this you? Is the ‘I’ really you. Do YOU need to literally kill some things and move on with your life? Yup, I thought so.

We must start being strategic. Get a knew goal, look for a new job, Wait for a new partner, Pray for a new friend…. or what ever else you need to move on from ‘that’. Was it good while it was in your life… of course! But you rehashing the past is killing the YOU that must come forth. Move on to new territory or Die to your past. Because where you are is a royal MIND FLUCK and that is not healthy.

My tears are bullets and my eyes are loaded guns

I never thought I’d be the one to run….

You just can’t lose it when it all comes push to shove.

I just can’t let you f**** with my mind.


Novel- With my Mind

Let’s start killing those things in our life and try not to think of them. And if we do, let have plan A-Z lined up. Honestly, if we don’t move on from these things that have happened to, for, or by us. WE WILL DIE… figuratively speaking. We will never birth those NEW things in our future. We will never get that job that was better than the old one. Never see what a great relationship looks like. The new vision you have will never manifest… Because we were so stuck on the past. Come yawl…. Let’s MOVE ON AND LIVE!


Love Hard. Live Harder.

The Queen

PS:  These are some AWESOME artists…. Please buy GREAT music!


2 Responses to “Move On…. Or DIE!”

  1. Euphoric Ears June 8, 2011 at 1:32 PM #

    Great post E!!!! ❤ the message!

  2. justlissen June 9, 2011 at 11:59 AM #

    I think it’s hard to move on. Sometime you WANT to be in that place of wallow, you want to scour your emotions for that element of lack that makes you whole. I’ve realized lately (after another semi-relationship, massive failure) that I like ti when people hurt my feelings. It feeds an innate sentiment of inadequacy, so I constantly put myself in positions where I feel insufficient in order to thrive in that insufficiency.
    But I’m thinking on my master plan… the idea that this is not the me I want to be or the me I am growing into, it’s just a passing fancy and in time will go away.
    Great post E!

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