Bedside Baptist or The ‘Real’ Thing

20 Jun

So, I was on twitter yesterday and among the Happy Father’s Day/ Remember Juneteenth (If you don’t know what it is, Google it…. its history) tweets, I saw a couple that intrigued me. I saw members of the world famous Bedside Baptist church, gloating about attending services and how great they were. Of course, I know what beside baptist is. I have used the term at random times in college, before my walk with God became serious. For those who are not familiar, the definition, according to Urban Dictionary, is,

The church you go to when you decide to sleep in.

“Hey Mary did you go to church today?”

No, I took a little trip to Bedside Baptist”

I started to think. Is it a proud thing to miss a service, and not to go to church? I understand missing a service, The Queen has missed a few in her lifetime, but it is something different to gloat about. Most of the time, it is really a major joke with no meaning behind it. But what about the people who go to ‘Bedside Baptist’ regularly. You know those people; they claim Christianity, sometimes salvation and they never go to church. A guy I dated mannnnyyyyyyyy moons ago told me he didn’t to church because it was corrupt and didn’t see the overall point. True, some churches are corrupt but Do you go to church for people or God? How many churches are on the planet? But I didn’t ask those ask those questions because he was cute, nice and a good conversationalist. I digress.

Do you have to go to church to have a good relationship with God? That is the question. My answer, I believe so…I’ll just tell you why I go… 

I need to be reminded of the greatness of God, in person.


It is an outward sign that I love God and I am his child.


I learn about who he is under sound leadership.


I get to hang out with other believers.


I believe that I have been called to go to church regularly.


Of course, this is a small list of why I go to church. There are things I have left out or omitted because they can also be utilized as pro to stay home. I am curious about how you feel. Do you go to church? Why or Why not? Is it necessary in a Christian walk? 


Love Hard. Live Harder.

The Queen


One Response to “Bedside Baptist or The ‘Real’ Thing”

  1. Alan OnePurpose Jean June 20, 2011 at 11:35 AM #

    I definitely agree with you on this one. My mentor always says, “Christianity may be personal, but it’s not meant to be private.” The bible tells us not to forsake the gathering of believers. We need to be accountable to people. We need to be constantly taught the Word. People’s excuse is usually, “Well I can read the bible and pray at my house. What’s the difference?” My response would be a dead face saying “Really?” First off, the name of Bedside Baptist already tells you the main event of your day, sleeping. And check this out. Even those of us who go to church have a problem with making time for God. So I’m supposed to believe that with the time that you are usually busy with something else, you’re going to devote that time to the very area of your life you didn’t even feel like waking up to partake in? In the words of Ed Lover, “C’mon Son!”. We really need to take this time of fellowship seriously. No, church isn’t perfect, but who is? We walk into a building expecting for people to meet a standard that we openly claim we don’t meet. Let’s get past all that and get serious about our walk.

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