Never Settle For Friendship

20 Jul

Oh, I don’t know what to do

I can’t stop wanting you

Oh I’m in love, I’m in love with my best friend

It’s tearing me apart (tearing me apart) because he has my heart

Oh I’m in love, I’m in love with my best friend


I’ve been wanting you for many life times now

And I’m so afraid tot tell you how I really feel

You have been there for me I was 13 and you were 14

Best friends for years, where do I go from here


Oh, Oh, I can’t stop the way that I feel

Everytime I see you, I lose control

I just can’t let it go, no

A kiss from you, ooh how does it feel, Oh I wonder

I’m so close to you, but I wanna get next to you,


When we’re out together everybody smiles at us

Cause they think that you’re my man, so I hold your hand

Like you’re my man

I keep hoping that you’ll notice me

And maybe one day you and I could be

Together more than jsut friends yeah


Oh, I can’t hide the way that I feel

Everytime I see you I lose control

I can’t let it go, no, no

Kissing you just won’t be enough

I need all of you, I wish you wanted me

Like I want you, oh, yeah


If you only could understand the things that he does for me,

Beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous and simplicity

He describes all the things that love is about for me


Ledisi- Best Friend

Many women overdramatize encounters with men. A man could let you borrow a pen at a meeting, and a woman could interpret that as romantic interest (A friend hinted at this once). Then she goes home and thinks about how his last name fits with her first and it begins. People not being realistic about certain things… Maybe I am being a little dramatic in this scenario, but you get my drift. We go too far sometimes, without solid evidence. Today, I would like to focus on seeing all the evidence of friendship and not being clear in what we want. Of course, I know some people are going to say, ‘Many great relationships are built on great friendships’ and I totally agree. But I venture to say that if you are attracted to one of your friends and they have no idea…. that’s going to stay a friendship… unless you do something about it.

WARNING: If you are not comfortable with rejection, please man up! Life is full of rejection, but it always steers us to the path one should be on.



Observe your relationship with the person. Does he/she show signs of something more? Does he/she always talk about someone else romantically? Are they pursuing someone else? Before you get your feelings hurt, be honest with yourself. They just might not be into you that way. This is fine! Move on to new territory. If they are pursuing someone else… they probably just see you as a friend. Either be ok with that or…

Tell them

You need to say something. Period. The End. Whether an email, phone call or in person, you must let your friend know how you feel about them. Especially if it is eating you up inside. Or you have realized that you just cannot be this person’s friend.

Move Forward

You have everything you need. Keep building the beautiful friendship you have. Walk away from the lopsided relationship with unrequited love (If it is too much to bear, being just a friend). Or begin a beautiful new romance. Just like the NBC PSA says, ‘The More You Know…’

Real Rap, never settle for friendship if you want more. It’s not fair to you and your just lying to this person you call ‘friend’. Keep it Real with yourself and others…. ALWAYS! What do you all think? I’m curious.

Love Hard. Live Harder.


The Queen


2 Responses to “Never Settle For Friendship”

  1. Onleilove Alston July 20, 2011 at 3:21 PM #

    I totally agree with this post and it can be deceiving to hang out with someone as a “friend” when in your mind it’s a romantic relationship. I have seen countless women (especially Christians) waste time in these “friendships” only to have the person marry or date someone else and I do think when someone is in a relationship the opposite sex friendships have to change (not end, but change), when this happens the “friend” grow resentful. These quasi “friendships” prevent you from meeting the person who wants to date you, because you come off as taken. I also think the friend who is liked in a romantic way has to be careful that he or she isn’t promoting this type of “friendship” because they like the attention because that is wasting someone’s time. I also think many women lie to themselves about why they like having guy friends, but that is a different post.

  2. Jocelyn July 20, 2011 at 11:43 PM #

    I love this post and I so agree with you…..I have seen women enter friendships hoping for something more but never saying anything. If you want him or her tell them. If they dont feel the same so be it.There is always a reason for everything…make sure all your ducks are in a row and keep it movin….What happens when you do cross that friendship line and its not what you hoped for?

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