I’m Hungry

23 Aug

Hello Readers! Today we have a guest post from the lovely RDavis. I hope you all enjoy this read as I have. 

Love Hard. Live Harder.


The Queen


You ever had one of those moments in which you’re hungry and waiting for dinner.  Maybe you have plans to go with some friends to your favorite restaurant at 8, but your stomach starts to growl at 6.  I know my first reaction is to get a “little” snack, which eventually turns into a “little” feast.  By the time I finally sit down for the fabulous meal I’ve been waiting for, I’m already half full from the junk I ate earlier.  I can’t even be fully satisfied by the meal.

I think my relationship with God can be like that sometimes.  I’m waiting on promises to be fulfilled in my life, and the pangs of desire start to rumble.  These pangs ignite a search for the “fillers” that will satisfy me until what He has for me is ready.  As I wait for marriage I feed off of television, movies, and romance novels.  As I wait to fully lunge into my purpose/vision I feed off of busyness and what I like to call “good not God” works.  As I wait for total financial security I feed off of daydreams and fantasies of the good life.  Too many of these false fillers and when God’s manifestation comes, I can’t even enjoy it to the degree that I could have because I was trying to get full off of junk.

So how do I learn to wait?  Well, it’s during the times of undeniable hunger that God’s words begin to echo in my mind…“be still and know that I have your best interest at heart.  I know it’s been a while, but wait on me.  I’m not forgetful; I still remember the desires of your heart.  But you have to know that I AM GOD, the only One that can truly satisfy you.  I know it’s difficult…it gets tough…especially when everyone else seems to be receiving and you’re left behind.  But wait on me.  I’ll strengthen you.  I’ll give you what you need to sustain.  When my blessings finally manifest in your life, you’ll be able to feast and enjoy every morsel.  I know the plans I have for you, stop trying to follow yours and just pursue me.  Rest in Me.  Trust in Me.  Wait. On. Me.”        

And so…I wait.


One Response to “I’m Hungry”

  1. LaDiDa August 24, 2011 at 6:39 PM #

    NICE! Wow…I totally identify w/ this. Didn’t know what to expect from the title, but def left w/ some encouragement

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