The PROMISE will Manifest!

30 Aug

My Father promised to supply all my needs

With His riches in glory

He gives seed to the barren

And food in famine

So I know that He’ll take care of me



Jireh, who He is

Providing is, what He does

He won’t let me lack, won’t let me beg

Cause I’m His child, and He loves me


I’m resting on His promise

I know He’s working it out for me

I’m resting on His promise

I know, that God is covering me


My Fathers’ rich, in houses and land

All power is in His hand

No recession, depression, or repossession

Can withhold, the blessings He has for me


Youthful Praise- Resting on His Promise

There are some things that are out of our control. Things in this natural life can fluctuate at a moment’s notice and change instantly. In times like these, it is easy to lose focus on the promises of God. It may seem like God has forgotten you or your situation. You may feel misunderstood in walking in the will of God. Understand that God’s allowing these feelings to arise in us so that we can fully take advantage in resting in him.

Before we can REST we must WORK. It shall be your FAITH + WORK to activate the PROMISE. God worked to create the world in 6 days and then rested. I encourage you to work towards the promises of God so hard that you will be able to rest in the fact the God will take that seed of work and create something wonderful and perfect.

Hebrews 4:1-2

New Living Translation (NLT)

Promised Rest for God’s People

 1 God’s promise of entering his rest still stands, so we ought to tremble with fear that some of you might fail to experience it. 2 For this good news—that God has prepared this rest—has been announced to us just as it was to them. But it did them no good because they didn’t share the faith of those who listened to God.

Don’t worry about your anything going on in your life. Even though it may look bleak at times, YOU ARE COVERED! Operate in this fact. Keep working even though it may be hard. Keep believing when it looks bad. You will REAP if you FAINT NOT! Rest, my loves, in God, for it is already done in the spirit. We are just waiting for the manifestation in the natural.

Love Hard. Live Harder.


The Queen


Kiss ‘Kissing’ Goodbye

25 Aug

I just kissed the softest lips that God has ever made

And I am so in love with the girl to whom these lips he gave


(First Verse)

Mmmm, soft as a feather on an angels wing

Mmmm, babe, girl you’re such a pretty thing

Yes you are

Mmmm, like I’m on a cloud above, yeah

Think I’m falling so in love

(chorus x2)


(Second Verse)

Mmmm, girl won’t you kiss me once again

Mmmm, babe, don’t you stop till I say when

Like the sweetest crime

Feel it all up and down my spine

(chorus x2)



Never thought that when I would close my eyes

That I would be in for such a lovely surprise

I have never felt a kiss feel like this

And I just could not resist from falling, falling, falling

Oh, falling, falling, falling, falling, falling, falling

Falling in love with you


Eric Roberson/ Softest Lips

Think back to a kiss that you had with someone. Try to find a good one, that earth-shattering, stop the world moment. It was just you and this person interlocking. Think of how you felt when it was over, the connection that you felt. Now come back to the present and evaluate the person on the other side. Was it worth it? That pleasure. The fun. The rush. I was listening to Eric Roberson’s music the other day. BTW If you never heard of this brother, please go and buy his work! Start with The Vault Vol. 1. I digress. Any who, the track ‘Softest Lips’ played… and I went right back to that moment, that kiss, then it hit me. How much emotion do we attach to kissing?

My girlfriends and I had dinner the other night and we started talking about intimacy with a man. In this particular group, most of the women had at least one sexual experience before. To my dismay, one of my girls said ‘Kissing is much more intimate than actually having sex’ WORD. WORD LIFE?!?! She was so serious too! She went on to explain how kissing is much more than an act and how personal it can be. I went home and thought about a friend I had in undergrad. He would always call me and talk about his ‘encounters’ with women. He said he wasn’t ready for a relationship but recognized his need for sex. He told me, ‘I don’t kiss the women I deal with now, because I know how much deeper it would take things.’ So now I am thinking, Should I kiss ‘kissing’ goodbye?

Really, if I am remaining abstinent from sex, why am I not abstaining from kissing? Some of the reasons are similar. Aren’t they? For me, it is just an expression of what I am building with a man. I do not casually kiss men I meet, but if I am courting/seriously dating someone, I will most likely kiss him. WAIT! Will I kiss him at certain vulnerable times and/or places. NO! I know that I am in flesh and one thing can lead to another and this will turn into a blog about how I fell and how I need forgiveness. Then the judging religious folk will commence to talk about me and others will smile at the fact another Christian woman has failed. Again, I digress.

On MTV’s Real Life: I’m a Newlywed, one couple did not kiss until the wedding. I watched and thought, it couldn’t be me. But now I am thinking, Should it be me? Honestly, what do you all think? Should you kiss KISSING Goodbye?


Love Hard. Live Harder.

The Queen

I’m Hungry

23 Aug

Hello Readers! Today we have a guest post from the lovely RDavis. I hope you all enjoy this read as I have. 

Love Hard. Live Harder.


The Queen


You ever had one of those moments in which you’re hungry and waiting for dinner.  Maybe you have plans to go with some friends to your favorite restaurant at 8, but your stomach starts to growl at 6.  I know my first reaction is to get a “little” snack, which eventually turns into a “little” feast.  By the time I finally sit down for the fabulous meal I’ve been waiting for, I’m already half full from the junk I ate earlier.  I can’t even be fully satisfied by the meal.

I think my relationship with God can be like that sometimes.  I’m waiting on promises to be fulfilled in my life, and the pangs of desire start to rumble.  These pangs ignite a search for the “fillers” that will satisfy me until what He has for me is ready.  As I wait for marriage I feed off of television, movies, and romance novels.  As I wait to fully lunge into my purpose/vision I feed off of busyness and what I like to call “good not God” works.  As I wait for total financial security I feed off of daydreams and fantasies of the good life.  Too many of these false fillers and when God’s manifestation comes, I can’t even enjoy it to the degree that I could have because I was trying to get full off of junk.

So how do I learn to wait?  Well, it’s during the times of undeniable hunger that God’s words begin to echo in my mind…“be still and know that I have your best interest at heart.  I know it’s been a while, but wait on me.  I’m not forgetful; I still remember the desires of your heart.  But you have to know that I AM GOD, the only One that can truly satisfy you.  I know it’s difficult…it gets tough…especially when everyone else seems to be receiving and you’re left behind.  But wait on me.  I’ll strengthen you.  I’ll give you what you need to sustain.  When my blessings finally manifest in your life, you’ll be able to feast and enjoy every morsel.  I know the plans I have for you, stop trying to follow yours and just pursue me.  Rest in Me.  Trust in Me.  Wait. On. Me.”        

And so…I wait.

Never Settle For Friendship

20 Jul

Oh, I don’t know what to do

I can’t stop wanting you

Oh I’m in love, I’m in love with my best friend

It’s tearing me apart (tearing me apart) because he has my heart

Oh I’m in love, I’m in love with my best friend


I’ve been wanting you for many life times now

And I’m so afraid tot tell you how I really feel

You have been there for me I was 13 and you were 14

Best friends for years, where do I go from here


Oh, Oh, I can’t stop the way that I feel

Everytime I see you, I lose control

I just can’t let it go, no

A kiss from you, ooh how does it feel, Oh I wonder

I’m so close to you, but I wanna get next to you,


When we’re out together everybody smiles at us

Cause they think that you’re my man, so I hold your hand

Like you’re my man

I keep hoping that you’ll notice me

And maybe one day you and I could be

Together more than jsut friends yeah


Oh, I can’t hide the way that I feel

Everytime I see you I lose control

I can’t let it go, no, no

Kissing you just won’t be enough

I need all of you, I wish you wanted me

Like I want you, oh, yeah


If you only could understand the things that he does for me,

Beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous and simplicity

He describes all the things that love is about for me


Ledisi- Best Friend

Many women overdramatize encounters with men. A man could let you borrow a pen at a meeting, and a woman could interpret that as romantic interest (A friend hinted at this once). Then she goes home and thinks about how his last name fits with her first and it begins. People not being realistic about certain things… Maybe I am being a little dramatic in this scenario, but you get my drift. We go too far sometimes, without solid evidence. Today, I would like to focus on seeing all the evidence of friendship and not being clear in what we want. Of course, I know some people are going to say, ‘Many great relationships are built on great friendships’ and I totally agree. But I venture to say that if you are attracted to one of your friends and they have no idea…. that’s going to stay a friendship… unless you do something about it.

WARNING: If you are not comfortable with rejection, please man up! Life is full of rejection, but it always steers us to the path one should be on.



Observe your relationship with the person. Does he/she show signs of something more? Does he/she always talk about someone else romantically? Are they pursuing someone else? Before you get your feelings hurt, be honest with yourself. They just might not be into you that way. This is fine! Move on to new territory. If they are pursuing someone else… they probably just see you as a friend. Either be ok with that or…

Tell them

You need to say something. Period. The End. Whether an email, phone call or in person, you must let your friend know how you feel about them. Especially if it is eating you up inside. Or you have realized that you just cannot be this person’s friend.

Move Forward

You have everything you need. Keep building the beautiful friendship you have. Walk away from the lopsided relationship with unrequited love (If it is too much to bear, being just a friend). Or begin a beautiful new romance. Just like the NBC PSA says, ‘The More You Know…’

Real Rap, never settle for friendship if you want more. It’s not fair to you and your just lying to this person you call ‘friend’. Keep it Real with yourself and others…. ALWAYS! What do you all think? I’m curious.

Love Hard. Live Harder.


The Queen

She gotta ’em, He gotta ’em: KIDS

13 Jul

She got kids

And I don’t know if I’m ready to give

Them the things that they need to live

‘Cause if we become more than just friends what I do for her I gotta do for them kids

She got kids

And I just wanna make sure this is

more than just some sexual trip

See all I wanna do is prevent those kids from getting hurt again


[2nd Verse:]

Most men think it but they’ll never say it

but what if ya’ll had another baby

And he’s accused of choosing favorites, and they’re right

Would he be wrong for loving his own flesh and blood a little more

Is he being human or only being immature

who’s to say

that’s why it’s better just to wait

take love day to day

and let love spread its own wings

and if it wants to fly away or if it decides to stay

it wont be because of any unrealistic expectations ya’ll done made

and he wont have to pray that little girl ain’t awake

when he tiptoe out the door so he won’t have to explain

I don’t wanna take that chance please don’t take offense

I just don’t need that kinda drama on my conscience


She Got Kids/ Lyfe Jennings

I have no desire to marry a man with children. Yup, I said it…. There are many reasons why, but to be completely honest, a few are completely selfish. I like to be the center of attention, and that is hard position to play in a relationship when children are involved. Right after tithes, a man must pay his child support or he is going to jail. If you are married, then technically, you both are paying. A good Christian man will want to devote a substantial amount of time to his child and also want to forge a decent relationship with his child’s mother. Who wants to deal with possible baby mamma drama? I am smart enough to know that these two people had a relationship and had sex. Regardless of what anyone might think, having sex with someone has emotional ties attached to it. I already know that is going to be something we would need to unpack in our relationship.

Recently, I have been convicted of my thinking. What if the husband God has for me has a child? Is it a deal breaker? I have friends who have married men with one, two and even three children. I come from parental unit who both had children before marrying. For me, it comes down to feasibility and calling. Dating someone who has children must be a workable concept for you. If you are adverse to children, the adult and child will sense that from you, even if you try to hide it well. But I recognize that it is a possibility that the one for me might have kids, and even though I might feel indifferent about a man with kids (and I do… just a little) his total package is not diminished if he is handling the situation to the best of his ability. Also, when you court/date someone with kids, you are building a relationship with him or her too. Be aware and careful of how you handle children during and after a relationship. Children should not have battle scars because a relationship ended.

At the end of the day, I think dating someone with children is a matter of preference. I don’t think I am better than anyone because I do not have children; I just have a different package. If I met a man who I hit it off with, who happened to have kids, I would consider it. Let’s be honest, children are lovely and beautiful… but they are something that I did not create and I think it takes a certain type of person to deal with one who has children. In essence, it is not a deal breaker but it is something to consider going forward in a relationship, especially with someone has does not have any. How do you feel about being in a relationship with someone who has kids?

Love Hard. Live Harder.


The Queen



3 Jul

You ever saw a picture with someone who has a fake smile? It is THEE worse. To the viewer, we don’t understand why you even took the picture. It is obvious that something is wrong and picture time is not the best thing for you right now. You know what happened. Someone forced him or her to take that picture. They prodded and pushed until the person caved in and said, OK. And guess who ended up looking stupid… the innocent one. I am known for my realness. I usually tell people how I feel and what I think, without a censorship. I believe honesty is the best policy, so today I will declare today DON’T SMILE.

I dedicate this song to recession,

depression and unemployment.

This song’s for you.


Today’s a new day, and there is no sunshine.

Nothing but clouds, and it’s dark in my heart

and it feels like a cold night.

Today’s a new day, where are my blue skies,

where is the love and the joy that you promised me

you tell me it’s alright.


(I’ll be honest with you)

I almost gave up, but a power that I can’t explain,

fell from heaven like a shower.


(When I think how much better I’m gonna be when this is over)

I smile, even though I’m hurt see I smile,

I know God is working so I smile,

Even though I’ve been here for a while

I smile, smile..

it’s so hard to look up when you look down.

Sure would hate to see it when you give up now

You look so much better when you smile, so smile.


Today’s a new day, but there is no sunshine.

Nothing but clouds, and it’s dark in my heart,

and it feels like a cold night.

Today’s a new day, tell me where are my blue skies,

where is the love and the joy that you promised me

you tell me it’s alright.


(the truth is)

I almost gave up, but a power that I can’t explain

fell from heaven like a shower.


I smile, even though I’m hurt see I smile,

I know God is working so I smile,

Even though I’ve been here for a while

I smile, smile..

it’s so hard to look up when you look down.

Sure would hate to see it when you give up now

You look so much better when you smile.


Kirk Franklin- Smile

A lot of people are going through some major changes in life. God orchestrated changes. Even when God is preparing you for greater, the process sometimes hurts. I don’t believe it benefits anyone in your life to be fake. I might look better when I smile but it doesn’t change the status of my life. I can know God is working without smiling. I believe if you don’t smile when you are hurting, it gives someone on opportunity to minister to you. Honestly, I have a love hate relationship with Kirk Franklin’s Smile. I get what he is trying to say but I truly think it is unrealistic…Especially for people who are actually dealing with recession, depression and unemployment. It leaves those people in denial if they just ‘smile’ through it. If you want to cry, yell, scream, or shout – DO IT. Really, people do not feel better just because they smile. Love to hear if you agree or disagree…. Either way…


Love Hard. Live Harder

The Queen

Bedside Baptist or The ‘Real’ Thing

20 Jun

So, I was on twitter yesterday and among the Happy Father’s Day/ Remember Juneteenth (If you don’t know what it is, Google it…. its history) tweets, I saw a couple that intrigued me. I saw members of the world famous Bedside Baptist church, gloating about attending services and how great they were. Of course, I know what beside baptist is. I have used the term at random times in college, before my walk with God became serious. For those who are not familiar, the definition, according to Urban Dictionary, is,

The church you go to when you decide to sleep in.

“Hey Mary did you go to church today?”

No, I took a little trip to Bedside Baptist”

I started to think. Is it a proud thing to miss a service, and not to go to church? I understand missing a service, The Queen has missed a few in her lifetime, but it is something different to gloat about. Most of the time, it is really a major joke with no meaning behind it. But what about the people who go to ‘Bedside Baptist’ regularly. You know those people; they claim Christianity, sometimes salvation and they never go to church. A guy I dated mannnnyyyyyyyy moons ago told me he didn’t to church because it was corrupt and didn’t see the overall point. True, some churches are corrupt but Do you go to church for people or God? How many churches are on the planet? But I didn’t ask those ask those questions because he was cute, nice and a good conversationalist. I digress.

Do you have to go to church to have a good relationship with God? That is the question. My answer, I believe so…I’ll just tell you why I go… 

I need to be reminded of the greatness of God, in person.


It is an outward sign that I love God and I am his child.


I learn about who he is under sound leadership.


I get to hang out with other believers.


I believe that I have been called to go to church regularly.


Of course, this is a small list of why I go to church. There are things I have left out or omitted because they can also be utilized as pro to stay home. I am curious about how you feel. Do you go to church? Why or Why not? Is it necessary in a Christian walk? 


Love Hard. Live Harder.

The Queen